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Tired of the way you look and feel?

Make a commitment to change your life today. You hold the keys to your life transformation, so unlock your potential.

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Don't want to exercise! Who does?

What if you could get your body to the point where you want to exercise and make healthier food choices?

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So what are you waiting on? Lets do it!

Procrastination is the reason why you are where you are. Get up and make a commitment today. You will look amazing in the next couple of months.

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Which is the best Weight loss program for you?

We all want that beach body. Unfortunately, many of us will not succeed in achieving one. Unlike what you may think, it is not that they do not put effort in their workout; it is just that they do not how they should properly engage in a workout routine that has been designed to promote the maximum loss of fat. It is important to understand that the best weight loss program is usually multifaceted and there are different factors that will determine how effective you will be in loosing fat. Here are the important factors to consider


Before you can even begin to look at the treadmill, you will need to watch your diet. This is because the diet that you will use in your weight loss goal will determine whether you lose weight. Running for many miles a day will not help as long as you continue taking less calories particularly from the wrong sources like sugar. The right diet for weight loss should consist of about 500 calories below the daily maintenance requirement. On top of choosing a calorie deficit meal, you should base your fat-loss diet on:

  • Low/moderate carbohydrates (The low carbohydrates on the days that you are not training and the moderate carbs during the training days.
  • High proteins( take 1 to 2 rams for every pound of bodyweight
  • High EFAs
  • No carbohydrates after 6pm
  • Minimal sugar
  • When you use this diet, you will enable the body to burn fats rather than the muscles. When you cycle carbohydrates, it becomes possible for the body to have the nutrients it requires on the strenuous workout days and it will not be necessary for you to take carbs during the non-workout days. Taking high protein amounts helps to keep the body in that anabolic state and prevent catabolism. EFA’s play an important role as you will consume lower carbs than you usually do. The EFA’s also provide the energy that is necessary for keeping the metabolism running at an optimal level. Definitely, you will not want a slow metabolism when dieting. Sugars are usually stored as fat and therefore it essential to avoid them as much as you can. Taking sugars once in a while has no problem especially post-workouts when a spike in the insulin levels will do you good. An important aspect of this diet is the cutoff of carbs after 6 p.m. By avoiding eating carbs at night, it becomes possible for the body to deplete the glycogen stores as you sleep.



    For a diet program to be effective, it should incorporate cardios and heavy training. There are no doubts that the best ways to train when dieting is to train heavy. This is because heavy weights can help to build muscles and can improve strength. When you manage to keep your strength gains up when you are dieting and also do cardios, you will definitely be prepared for a successful outcome in your weight loss goal. Join a fitness program A fitness program can be the right way to get closer to achieving your weight loss goal. One of the best programs that you can join is the 15 day Challenge and you can get a chance to win $300.00 and a 3 day Vacation Get -A –Way.