My name is Maestro Mclin. That’s me on your left (265 ibs) and me on the right (200 ibs)


About Me

I used to have a weight problems and I never liked taking pictures because I was not happy with my weight until I started working with a new program that helped me not only lose the weight but also made me feel like exercising. I never was the person who enjoyed exercising but now I do. Time is still of the essence but when ever I can get away I enjoy getting my walk/run in. What I realized once the programmed kicked in, was that as a result of losing weight my feet didn’t hurt as much, my blood pressure and blood sugars would stabilize so I was starting to feel like I should have all the time. I am now slimmer but still not where I want to be. I love how I feel and that’s why I started this website to share my story with others and help those who want to look and feel better. Getting to your ideal weight will not be easy but the hardest part is trust yourself and others in your inner circle who will be a support mechanism for you. This will be a journey and I am here with you all the way but this is a 2 way street, You have to commit and show up. Once you decide to get started you will be glad you did and you will wish you started sooner. So go ahead and look around, read some of the articles an Picture Testimonies and lets get started on your TESTIMONY!

Maestro MClin