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Tired of the way you look and feel?

Make a commitment to change your life today. You hold the keys to your life transformation, so unlock your potential.

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Don't want to exercise! Who does?

What if you could get your body to the point where you want to exercise and make healthier food choices?

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So what are you waiting on? Lets do it!

Procrastination is the reason why you are where you are. Get up and make a commitment today. You will look amazing in the next couple of months.

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Get Started


Do you like a good Challenge?

Challenges produce results.
You need results and a good diet along with exercise can help you reach your goals. We have incorporated several programs to assist you in getting results. These programs are simple you just have to plug into our system. If you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape you must be willing to do some things that you may not be comfortable doing. I like to engage in meditation before I begin any program. Just focusing on me and what I want to achieve by a certain date. I try to stay real and set goals that can be met. A typical good weight loss goal is to lose between 3-5 pounds per week. So I know I am going to have to lower my calorie intake, incorporate foods that will help me stay on track with not being hungry all the time as well as having a nutritional value. Natural herds, supplements, and green tea should be in your pantry.

Going to the Grocery Store?

We can not have a successful challenge if we are buying tempting foods. Don’t buy groceries until you are about 5 days into the program. This will help you make smart decisions about the foods you want and do not want in the kitchen pantry. The first 15 days are crucial so lets be sure to get them off to a good start. Lets Get Started!

Lets Get Started!

Step 1

Again I can’t say how important it is for you to stay plugged into a support mechanism while you are on your weight loss journey. I strongly suggest joining our Weight loss support group (WLSG) on Facebook. We are all in this together so we will be your coach and motivator. Join today.

Step 2

Join the program. Simply purchase 3 bottles of Skinny Body Max and you will get 3 bottles free. This is the best option. There are no risk as it comes with a 100% money back guaranty. This will allow you to participate in WLSG 15 day and the company’s 90 day challenges. You could win up to and over $1300.00. Just for doing what you should already be doing. Simple visit and order your product. Once your product arrives, if you want to do the 15 day challenge just call us and we will schedule a weighing appointment. If you just want to do the 90 day challenge you can start it when you choose.

Step 3

Stay plugged into the world of weight loss. We currently do informative calls about our program everyday at 12 noon cst. Information is powerful when you know how to use it. We sometimes learn that we are not that much different than the next person as it relates to weight loss. Of course we go thru different things with our bodies but our overall life experiences with weight struggles are the same. Also on Tuesday calls we often participate in the Trivia Tuesday. You can win prizes just for gaining knowledge while you are in the WLSG. Plugged into these calls and you wont regret it! Here is the call information.

WLSG is proud to introduce Trivia Tuesday Contest. Just dial into our Tuesday 12 CST Noon call. Listen for 1 hour and at 1PM CST we will post a question from the call. The 1st person to correctly answer the question in the WLSG post, wins the prize. Listen in and become a winner
with James R. Davis Sr. & Nancy Lynn Toralbo
10:00 a.m. Pacific
11:00 a.m. Mountain
12:00 p.m. Central
1:00 p.m. Eastern
Call: (857) 216-6700, Pin 465207

Note: Must be a member in the program to claim prize.